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Should Investors Get Excited About XRP’s $1.8 Billion Trading Volume? Why Crypto Whales are Turning to Launchpad Instead – The Best Passive Income Crypto in 2024

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”Should you invest in an established crypto that shows high promise of winning its lawsuit? Or a new and relatively unknown altcoin quickly gaining traction for its presale that’s now live?”

While Bitcoin has dipped by 2.80% in the past week, XRP has achieved a steady growth rate of 2.5% within the same timeframe. It’s been a rough road for XRP over the past year as the crypto’s owner, Ripple, has been caught up in a long-standing legal battle with the SEC, causing XRP to sit in the shadows of its former glory back in 2021-2022. 

However, the tide is turning. XRP exhibits promise in potentially prevailing in the lawsuit, attracting crypto whales who are seizing the opportunity in the bearish market to acquire XRP at its low point. Despite this potential, the uncertainty surrounding the Ripple SEC lawsuit makes XRP more of a speculative venture than a straightforward investment. While altcoins are generally viewed as speculative, Launchpad distinguishes itself as a rare altcoin still in its presale phase, offering stability and a promising passive income opportunity.

Launchpad’s ROI Yields and Community Incentives

Launchpad (LPX) not only offers a native token but an entire ecosystem with robust incentives for investors. The Launchpad staking programme stands out as a prime example, providing investors with an opportunity for passive income. 

Through strategic staking of LPX tokens, users unlock generous rewards, contributing to a sustainable and growing community. 

This staking approach fosters a chain reaction of rewards, benefitting both the stakers and the broader Launchpad community.

Moreover, Launchpad aims to go beyond traditional staking. The platform introduces toolkits designed to empower users in the Web 3.0 era. Launchpad’s Toolkits offer insights and data analysis tools that simplify the complexities of crypto trading. 

Users can access Launchpad Quotient (LPQ), an AI-powered ranking system that evaluates a diverse range of crypto assets based on 400 data points. This analysis includes factors such as moving averages, sentiment, volume, emerging patterns and risks – aiming to empower investors with crucial information before making investment decisions.

The platform’s efficacy is showcased through its trade setups and returns, with over 110 “Do Your Own Research” (DYOR) setups boasting a 62% success rate. Liquidity Provider (LP) trades via Perpetual Futures contracts have generated a remarkable 9x return. Launchpad XYZ’s ALPHA calls feature over 17 instances of +300% returns.

Launchpad’s Trading Edge tool enables users to build their own trading framework, incorporating online sentiment, the latest news and market insights. This tool is particularly beneficial for both novice and experienced traders, offering insights into the trading setups of experts and smart money traders.

Web 3.0 Initiatives, NFTs and Play-to-Earn Gaming

While some investors are turning to meme coins, others seek comprehensive platforms that align with the future of decentralised technologies. Launchpad aims to position itself as a leader in this regard, with a clear focus on Web 3.0 initiatives, NFTs and play-to-earn (P2E) gaming.

Launchpad’s Web 3.0 initiatives aim to simplify the complexities of decentralised technologies. The platform features a user-friendly gateway to Web 3.0, ensuring accessibility for both newcomers and seasoned veterans. 

Launchpad’s NFT marketplace provides real-time data insights and an innovative revenue model, addressing the challenges of streamlined access to NFTs within the crypto sphere.

The integration of play-to-earn gaming experiences within Launchpad’s ecosystem adds another layer of utility to the LPX token. The platform offers a dedicated hub for P2E gaming and metaverse experiences – providing users with opportunities to earn rewards while participating in a gaming ecosystem.

This demand for Launchpad XYZ stems from its commitment to simplifying Web3 complexity, aiming to onboard the next 10 million users into the industry. Notable traders like Michael Wrubel and Connor Kenny express bullish sentiments, predicting substantial 100x returns.

The Launchpad presale stands as a strategic opportunity for investors to acquire $LPX tokens at a discounted rate of $0.0445 before the presale concludes on January 24th. This early entry positions investors to potentially benefit from a subsequent increase in token value.

Moreover, investors participating in the LPX presale have the opportunity to unlock premium NFT passes based on the quantity of $LPX purchased. These exclusive NFT passes grant access to a VIP Telegram channel and market summary emails, adding an extra layer of value for investors.

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