SA’s Talentinthecloud rebrands as to reflect broadened service offering

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South African startup Talentinthecloud has rebranded as to reflect the broadening of its product offering, from being simply a fintech jobs platform to a full-service agency.

Talentinthecloud was formed in 2016, allowing fintech companies to find and attract talent, yet its offering has broadened over the last few years. It is now a comprehensive fintech solutions provider, specialising in talent, marketing, media and events.

It has recently rebranded as, a move the company says will reflect the fact it now offers a range of services in order to help fintech companies in Africa navigate the complexities of the market.

“Today signifies the culmination of an epoch. Nearly a decade ago, TalentintheCloud embarked on a mission defined by a sole purpose – to assist fintechs across the African continent in attracting and retaining crucial talent,” said founder and CEO Darren Franks.  

“The journey fostered a lingering aspiration within me, a desire to extend our collaborative  horizons with fintechs beyond just talent acquisition, empowering them to scale, thrive, and attain remarkable milestones. As the business dives into its biggest change yet, this shift might not hit home for everyone; but for the team behind, its shareholders, and their clients, it’s a bold step into an exciting future for their business. Their solid dedication and the deep relationships that they’ve built in the sector have allowed them to create a truly unique offering.”

The startup was initially privately-funded after raising two rounds early on, but since then has funded expansion from profits. 

“Our client base has grown steadily, and we’ve received excellent feedback on our new service lines, particularly our strategic marketing and personal branding services,” Franks said.

“We are currently focused on the African market, with a strong presence in South Africa. Whilst we have looked at other continents and emerging markets, our hearts and our expertise lay in Africa.”

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