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SA startup EMGuidance launches digital prescription tool

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South African digital healthcare startup EMGuidance has launched a new digital prescription tool that promises to transform the way prescriptions are managed and shared. 

EMGuidance is a digital platform for clinical decision-making support in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. The platform’s aims is to optimise patient-care outcomes by giving healthcare professionals access to advanced digital tools, the latest diagnostics and treatment protocols, education, and local medicines guidance from across the healthcare ecosystem and medical industry, delivered in a transparent manner at the point of care.

EMGuidance is already the largest and most engaged online platform for HCPs, with over 57,000 registered users in South Africa, and its new tool, PrescriBIT, will reduce workflows for healthcare providers and pharmacies, while making medication safer, more cost-effective and easier to collect for patients.

The tool will allow doctors to quickly generate digital prescriptions from an app or a PC. This offers them a host of benefits, including improved accuracy, time-saving, improved patient safety and compliance, and increased efficiency. Pharmacists will benefit through scripts having a trackable history, more efficient workflows and a decrease in dispensing errors.

Dr Mohammed Dalwai, co-founder and chief product officer at EMGuidance, said PrescriBIT solved several of the issues facing the South African medical industry, including rising healthcare costs, the need for greater transparency in the sector, and the ability to reduce drug errors and deliver improved patient outcomes.

“The world of medicines is in a state of constant change, with new drugs, science and data around the safety and efficacy of medicines emerging almost daily, not to mention changing scheme rules. This makes it practically impossible for any doctor to stay abreast of the latest developments without the support of a digital tool. By making the system as smart as possible, we’re saving doctors time and reducing costs and risks,” said Dr Dalwai.

“PrescriBIT’s use of AES means its scripts are legally compliant with legislation. Because they are immutably trackable, pharmacists can safely accept and dispense all schedules, including S6, digitally. They can seamlessly access and process these prescriptions, making the dispensing process faster and more accurate. Doctors can then easily track their patients’ prescriptions, ensuring their patients are receiving the care they need.”

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