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    The Kenyan Top Bar Hive is indeed a popular choice among backyard and small-scale beekeepers for several reasons, as you’ve mentioned. Let’s break down some of the advantages and features of this hive:

    1. Lower Cost: One of the primary advantages of the Kenyan Top Bar Hive is its affordability. Compared to the standard Langstroth hives and equipment, the Kenyan Top Bar Hive is simpler and less expensive to set up and maintain. This makes beekeeping more accessible to a wider range of people, including those on a budget.
    2. Bee-friendly Design: The hive’s design, with bees entering from one side, minimizes disturbance to the colony when inspecting or harvesting honey. This is in contrast to Langstroth hives, where removing frames can disrupt a larger number of bees. Reduced disturbance can lead to less stress for the bees and a calmer hive overall.
    3. Simplicity: Kenyan Top Bar Hives are straightforward and easy to manage, making them an excellent choice for novice beekeepers. The bars on which the bees build their comb are removable one at a time, allowing beekeepers to inspect the hive and harvest honey without disrupting the entire colony.
    4. No Heavy Lifting: The hive’s horizontal design eliminates the need for lifting heavy supers or boxes, making it suitable for people who may have physical limitations, such as those in wheelchairs or elderly beekeepers. This design promotes ergonomic beekeeping practices, reducing the risk of back strain or injury.
    5. Raw Honey Production: With the Kenyan Top Bar Hive, you can easily harvest honey one bar at a time, which is often in the form of beautiful comb honey. This means you can enjoy the taste of raw honey without the need for specialized equipment like extractors. Comb honey is also aesthetically appealing and can be sold as a premium product.
    6. Minimal Equipment: As mentioned, you can manage a Kenyan Top Bar Hive with minimal equipment. While some beekeepers choose to use a smoker for added comfort during hive inspections, it’s not a strict necessity with this hive design.

    Overall, the Kenyan Top Bar Hive offers a practical and cost-effective way for backyard and small-scale beekeepers to engage in beekeeping while minimizing disruption to the bees and reducing physical strain. It’s important to note that the choice of hive design often depends on personal preferences, local conditions, and specific beekeeping goals, but the Kenyan Top Bar Hive has proven to be a viable and bee-friendly option for many beekeepers.

    • – Weight: 64 kg
    • – Dimensions: 19x 14x 8 cm
    • – Material: Iron sheets, wood and nails
    • – Usage: Pollination and help extract as much honey as possible
    •  Package: 1 box of a KTB bee hive
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    Kenyan Top Bar Bee Hive (KTB)
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