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New partnership aims to transform Rwanda’s bioeconomy landscape

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UVU Bio has announced a transformative partnership and project aimed at reshaping Rwanda’s bioeconomy landscape, paving the way for sustainable growth, job creation, and innovation. 

Part of the UVU Africa Group, formerly the Cape IT Initiative, UVU Bio is focused on stimulating the bioeconomy in Africa through innovative solutions, business acceleration, and skills development. 

With a commitment to sustainability, UVU Bio partners with various stakeholders to drive economic growth, foster entrepreneurship, and create jobs across the region. It has entered into a strategic collaboration with the University of Rwanda, the Ministry of Education of Rwanda and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to launch a dynamic project in Rwanda.

“Our journey with the bioeconomy in Southern Africa has shown us that collaboration is the basis of progress. This partnership signifies our commitment to nurturing innovation, accelerating business growth, and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs. Together, we can drive Rwanda’s bioeconomy to unprecedented heights,” said Dheepak Maharajh, executive director of UVU Bio.

The establishment of the Rwandan Bioeconomy Skills Development and Acceleration Centre promises to upskill individuals with specialised competencies, essential for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. With access to world-class training and laboratory facilities, aspiring professionals can fuel innovation and drive economic growth.

The skills development programme aligns youth with the evolving demands of the bioeconomy. By honing industry-specific skills, the project equips individuals with the expertise necessary to thrive in the evolving market landscape.

Meanwhile, a business acceleration programme empowers startups and entrepreneurs with workshops, mentorship, and technical assistance, propelling innovative ideas toward market readiness. By providing access to laboratory infrastructure, the project catalyses the transformation of concepts into thriving businesses.

“Education is the cornerstone of progress and development. This collaboration between UVU Bio, the Ministry of Education of Rwanda, the University of Rwanda, and GIZ marks a transformative step towards equipping our youth with the skills and knowledge needed to shape Rwanda’s bioeconomy future. By fostering innovation and entrepreneurship through this initiative, we are preparing our young generation to lead Rwanda’s journey towards sustainable growth and prosperity,” said Claudette Irere, minister of state for education in Rwanda.

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