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MIT Senseable City Labs extends to Lagos, Nigeria with Senseable Lagos Labs in Isimi Tech Valley

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Landwey Investment Limited is one of Nigeria’s leading real estate firms currently building Isimi Lagos, a future city that will allow residents to experience technology and nature differently. The new town development project located in Epe Lagos promises to transform the way we live in Nigeria and Africa. 

Amongst the diverse features, the city offers is a tech valley. Isimi Lagos Tech Valley is a 300-hectare city similar to the renowned Tech Valley “Silicon Valley”. 

The smart city is equipped with not only technology but ecologically-focused architecture that offers serene living and working spaces for both short- and long-term stays to its occupants and visitors. 

LandWey’s collaboration with both the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Lagos State Government, opens up multiple opportunities for innovation.

Now, the Senseable City Lab – to be called the Senseable Lagos lab – is being made available within the smart city. The Senseable Lagos Lab is a state-of-the-art facility meant for researching a variety of topics related to cities and urban life. Notable topics include transportation, energy, environment, and communication. 

It will use data-driven approaches to understand and design the city, and those around it, to make them more livable, efficient, and sustainable. The lab will also work with government agencies, businesses, and communities to develop and implement innovative solutions to urban challenges.

MIT Senseable City Laboratory has already achieved success in other areas where it has been established. In the United States, for example, the research hub has worked with cities to develop smart transportation systems, energy-efficient buildings, and other technologies that have helped to improve urban life and reduce the environmental impact of cities.

The new Senseable Lagos Lab is also the first of its kind in Africa and is set to bring about innovative solutions that can help to improve the quality of life in urban areas and address sustainability challenges.

How Will the Senseable Lagos Lab Launch in Isimi boost Innovation and Nigeria’s economy?

Although the Lagos Tech Valley has a lot of potential benefits – ranging from the creation of more companies and jobs, attracting foreign investors, talents, and tourists, to facilitating collaboration and healthy competition within the Tech Valley – the Senseable Lagos Lab at Isimi Lagos Tech Valley will further promote:

  • Research, Partnerships, and Collaborations: The Lab will conduct research on a wide range of issues related to urban environments, including transportation, energy, waste, water, public health, public safety, and social cohesion. Also, the partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, including government agencies, NGOs, and academic institutions allow the lab to conduct research that is relevant to real-world urban problems and to test new technologies and approaches in real-world settings.
  • Outreach and Education: The Senseable Lagos Lab will engage with the public through a variety of outreach and education efforts, including public lectures, workshops, and exhibitions. Educational programs will also be made available for students and professionals, including graduate degrees, professional development courses, and internships. These programs provide training and development opportunities for the next generation of urban leaders and help to build a skilled and knowledgeable workforce that can tackle the challenges of today’s rapidly urbanizing world.

All these will further bring about the development of more smart cities, advancement of urban sustainability, improvement of urban livability, promotion of urban innovation, and generation of new knowledge about urban systems to mention a few.

It will also contribute to Nigeria’s global competitiveness by driving innovation and productivity, whilst aiding the achievement of the national sustainable development goals. 


The tech ecosystem in Africa has had rapid growth in recent times. With major tech players like Twitter setting up shop in Accra, Ghana, there’s an unlimited resource yet untapped. Isimi Lagos offers great benefits and opens up new doors for innovation and development of human capital and resources in Nigeria and Africa in general. Even as we watch closely, one cannot but wonder what else lies under the hood of this innovative real estate project facilitated by Landwey.

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